Our Literacy Libraries Program works in partnership with Worldreader to provide e-readers and e-libraries to schools in developing nations.

We are currently fundraising £10,000 to buy e-readers and a new e-library for the Suhum MA Experimental C School in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Suhum is a peri-urban town and Worldreader have been working with the school for six years - more details below.

 Suhum MA Experimental C School, Ghana    

Suhum MA Experimental C School, Ghana    

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On Sunday 17th June, our founder Caroline Jane Knight will be joined by Jane Austen Literacy Foundation Ambassadors to retrace Jane's steps, walking from Jane Austen's House Museum in Chawton to The Swan Hotel in Alton where Jane would collect the post, before walking home again.

To support this event, please sponsor Caroline here:

 If you would like to join Caroline and the Ambassadors on the Jane Austen Walk for Literacy, please contact us for details and assistance is setting up your fundraising page.


According to the project manager for the Suhum school, Michael Sem who also doubles as the Primary 3 teacher, the e-reading program was a timely intervention for both pupils and teachers in Suhum M/A Experimental 'C' Primary School:

“It came to salvage the poor reading habit of pupils in the Suhum Municipality. Since the inception of the e-reading program by Worldreader, there has been impressive progress in the teaching and learning process for us. The pupils have adopted a positive reading culture because of the various and many reading materials on the e-reader. They also love the local stories that talks about their everyday lives. They can easily relate to the stories and this makes them eager to read more. Majority of the children in my class have read all the stories on the e-reader. They are always asking me to download new stories on their e-readers for them…”  

“As teachers, we have also benefitted greatly from the usage of the e-readers. Because the e-readers have teacher guides and teaching materials, we use them in preparing our lesson notes. You know sometimes we even forget that there was a shortage of textbooks in the school. Because of the textbooks on the e-readers, we don’t worry about textbooks at all. What impresses us most is the rate at which pupils read! The e-reader have relatively had a tremendous impact on the overall academic performance. Pupils now read with a level of confidence and precision… something that we never had before”  

“Because we’ve had the e-readers for close to 7 years and the kids have used them over and over again, the e-readers are seeing the effects of wear and tear. This has become worrying because pupils are now used to e-reading and become upset when they don’t get to use and e-reader. We would therefore be forever grateful if the Jane Austen Literacy Foundation could help to sustain the reading culture of our pupils by sponsoring us with more e- readers and a new e-library.”  

Thank you!

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