About the artist: Richard Jarvis

Artist Richard Jarvis

Artist Richard Jarvis

Richard Jarvis is an artist from Hampshire, in the South of England, who specialises in colourful abstract collages and detailed portrait drawings.

In his childhood Richard lived in Upper Farringdon, a stone’s throw from Chawton where Jane Austen lived and wrote. It was here he first learnt about the ever-lasting impression Jane Austen has on the area he grew up in. Richard has a degree in illustration and now works as a graphic designer, artist and illustrator.

Richard’s collages are created through a fusion of found imagery, painting and expressive marks. His love of graphic digital art as well as more traditional art forms continues to influence his work, as sharp defined shapes merge with paint strokes and child-like scribbles.

Couples Retreat png.png
Chawton Cottage Print.png

Richard’s artwork also captures a very different style, in the form of detailed pencil drawings.

He is often commissioned to produce photo-realistic drawings of pets and family members that capture a special memory or moment in time.

Capturing moment.png

For more of Richard’s work, including his Jane Austen inspired prints, see www.richard-jarvis.com

Email: richardjarvisart@gmail.com        

Facebook: www.facebook.com/richardjarvisart

Instagram: www.instagram.com/richardjarvisart  

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/richardjarvisart

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