The seed for the Jane Austen Literacy Foundation’s online journal, Pride & Possibilities, originally began back in 2014 when the Foundation was newly launched by Caroline Jane Knight. 

We wanted a platform to communicate regularly with our donors and build a community of Jane Austen lovers passionate about literacy.  

Pride & Possibilities curates a range of exclusive and international content. In addition to news and updates about the Foundation itself, Pride & Possibilities features contributions from authors, academics, bloggers, Austen enthusiasts, historians, and representatives from our partner organisations. This means that you, our readers, are provided with interesting and entertaining material, while also being informed about the projects that your donations support. 

We were delighted when Simon Langton, director of the iconic BBC TV 1995 adaptation of Pride & Prejudice starring Colin Firth, agreed to write the article for our first issue at the beginning of November 2016, titled Shooting Jane. What a treat for us all!

P_Poss issue 1.png

An early version of the journal had a working title of Tales from Chawton, focusing on Jane’s life in Chawton, and was to include articles on Caroline’s childhood in the Great House owned by Jane’s brother, Edward. Thankfully, this topic has survived in posts exploring the Austen-Knight bookplate collection, Caroline’s reminiscences, and interviews with Caroline’s father, Jeremy Knight - who also happens to be Jane Austen’s fourth great nephew. 

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Posts are released twice a month and cover a wide variety of topics. While many of our articles focus on aspects of the life, times, and works of Jane Austen, we also include pieces focused on literacy - the importance of literacy, Foundation news, and the achievements of the organisations that we support with your donations. 

You can subscribe to Pride & Possibilities by filling in your details at the bottom of any article or page on our website – see below! I am always interested to hear from readers and anyone that may want to write an article for Pride & Possibilities - feel free to get in touch on our Facebook page or through our website!

Emily Prince

JALF Literacy Ambassador and Editor of Pride & Possibilities


Image credits: Julia B. Grantham.