Jane Austen Literacy Foundation (JALF) Literacy Ambassadors

It is with great pleasure that today we launch the Jane Austen Literacy Foundation (JALF) Literacy Ambassador Program.

We have had such wonderful support from the Jane Austen community and this program invites Janeites and booklovers to become part of our team of volunteers helping to promote literacy and support the activities of the Foundation, in honour of Jane Austen.

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As a Jane Austen Literacy Foundation Literacy Ambassador, you will join a team of passionate volunteers, all giving a little time and effort to help improve literacy rates. You will receive a digital badge to promote your commitment to literacy. You can display the badge online and anywhere else you might want to use it.  You will also receive regular updates about the Foundation, our activities and literacy programs.

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Literacy Ambassadors help increase awareness of the Foundation and what we do by periodically sharing key messages and campaigns online and/or in physical locations, such as your book club, local library or Jane Austen group.  Literacy Ambassadors are also asked to raise £100 a year for the Jane Austen Literacy Foundation Literacy Libraries Program.  The Jane Austen Literacy Foundation is run entirely by volunteers, including the board, and 100% of the money raised will be spent on providing Literacy Libraries for schools in developing communities.

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If you would like to be a Jane Austen Literacy Foundation (JALF) Literacy Ambassador, email admin@janeaustenlf.org for an information and sign up pack. We would love to have you join our wonderful team of volunteers helping to increase literacy rates, in honour of Jane Austen. 

The Literacy Ambassadors program will be run by author Cassandra Grafton.  Cassandra is a key volunteer for the Jane Austen Literacy Foundation and manages our day to day administration. 

Cassandra Grafton

Cassandra Grafton


I am delighted to announce Cassandra Grafton as the first Jane Austen Literacy Foundation Literacy Ambassador. Cassandra is an asset to literacy and the Foundation and raises money by donating 10% of the proceeds from the sale of her novel A Quest for Mr Darcy to the Jane Austen Literacy Foundation.

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A fan of Jane Austen since her school days, Cassandra has been indulging her appetite for all things Austen for many years.  She is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association, the Society of Authors, the Jane Austen Society UK and is one of the founding members of the Jane Austen Society of Switzerland. Cassandra is currently working on the sequel to the award winning The Particular Charm of Miss Jane Austen with co-author, Ada Bright, and is also penning a contemporary romantic comedy set in Cornwall.

I recently asked Cassandra why she is so generous with her time and support of the Jane Austen Literacy Foundation:

“I first discovered your great aunt when I was 15 and Pride & Prejudice was a set book for my English Literature O Level examination. I fell in love with her writing and subsequently went on to read all her other published novels, then all her other writings, from the juvenilia to the unfinished stories, such as The Watsons and Sanditon. I became deeply interested in Jane's life, reading as many biographies as I could, perusing her letters, and obtaining books about the world in which she lived. I also, of course, enjoyed the many adaptations of her works (though I've yet to see a Persuasion that fully satisfies me!)

I'd always dabbled at writing, from when I was a young child, but it was my love of Jane's Pride & Prejudice which finally inspired me to sit down and attempt a full-length novel (when I was nearly 50!). It's thanks to her that I've become a published author, and that's why I'm so delighted to be involved with the Jane Austen Literacy Foundation and able to do something in return, to thank her for all she's brought into my life over the years.“

If you would like to join Cassandra and become a Jane Austen Literacy Foundation (JALF) Literacy Ambassador, email admin@janeaustenlf.org for an information and sign up pack.

Caroline Jane Knight

Founder & Chair - Jane Austen Literacy Foundation

Caroline Jane Knight

Caroline Jane Knight